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“Uuuugh man this bites…” America slumped onto the couch


He quickly jumped off landing on his bum

“Haha! Sorry about that Canada!”

“Eh, it’s okay…” He whispered quietly.

America took the seat next to the Canadian with the same expression plastered on his face since he came in;

Guilty and frustrated.

“Eh…what’s wrong America?” Canada asked the depressed American.

“Uh, well, England seems to be down again today and won’t watch any horror movies with me!” He crosses his arms making fishy lips

“Eh, what do you mean he’s down?” Canada, seemingly got into the subject, bothered on

America turns to him with a sad face,

“I don’t know! When I do something he doesn’t like he doesn’t even yell at me! He just stares off into space with that same frown he’s had since a few days ago!”

He lets out a frustrated sigh before grabbing a pillow and burying his face into it.

“I. Don’t. Know. What. To. Doooooooooooo! He’s so boring!” His muffled voice complained

“Eh, did you try to cheer him up?”

America looks up,

“I did! Nothing seems to make him smile! Even when France was smacked upside the head by Russia!”

Canada taps on his chin slightly while he holds onto his bear cub.

“…eh…I know someone that might be able to cheer him up…” He whispered slightly

America’s eyes widen, he then glomps onto the Canadian picking him up and swinging him around.



America let’s poor Canada down before he’s crushed to death.

“Well…she’s a close friend of mine, and she can make anyone smile or laugh even on the worst of days.” Canada blushed a little

“Hmm, I don’t know…who can she make laugh?” America tilted his head

“Well, she did make Sweden, Romano, Germany, and Belarus laugh…”

“WHAT! She made Russia’s creepy ass sister laugh!” America’s mouth gaped.

The Canadian just chuckled.

“So would you like to meet her?”



“Oh. My. God. This song is so hoooot~” You practically nosebleed listening to the song “Sexy Back” By: Justin Timberlake

You feel a vibration in your pocket, you reach inside and pull out your phone.

“Mattie~!” You chimed into the speaker

Your cute friend Canada who’s human name is Matthew Williams, but you like to call him Mattie for short~

“Eh, hi [Name]!”

“What do I have the pleasure of you calling me for?”

“Eh, well, is it okay if I come over and bring a friend? I-If it’s not too much to ask!” He stuttered quietly

“Of course not! Come over!”

“Th-Thanks, I’ll be over on a few!”


You hung up the phone and laid back in you chair.

“Ahh~ I’m glad I look presentable~ Just as long as—OH SWEET MOTHER OF CRANBERRIES! MY BROWNIEEEEES!!”

You run out of your room tripping over a few things before going into the kitchen, turning off the oven, then opening it taking in a big waft of the chocolaty sensation waiting to be devoured mercilessly by your mouth~

“These look absolutely wonderful~! I’m glad I made enough for at least 6 people~”

Patting yourself on the back, you cut them into equal squares, then sprinkle on some powdered sugar, adding half a strawberry on each one.


You are an absolute culinary GENIUS~

*Ding Dong*

“Yay~ They’re here~”

Adding the last strawberry on you make your way over to the door and open it up to see your Canadian friend in his usually Canadian flagged sweatshirt holding on to his bear cub Kumajiro and by him a boy that looked strikingly like him except his hair was shorter and he had a weird cowlick in his hair instead of a curl, aside that he wore a brown bomber jacket.

“Hi! Nice to meet you I’m—“


He ran past you into the kitchen, his mouth drooling from brownie loss.

“N-No America! Y-You can’t just barge into [Name’s] House and take her brownies!” The Canadian yelled softly

Before America could get his hands on them, you walk into the kitchen with a spray bottle in hand


You sprayed him in the face.

He sputters and looks at you with a confused face

“Dude~ Why did you do thaaat!” He wined

“It’s rude to just take someone’s food without asking! It’s improper!” You stand like a soldier and pointing a finger at the American

He stares at you, his face holding no expression.
“BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!” He bursts into a fit of laughter, erupting like a volcano
You stared at him blankly…
“Err…did I do something?”


“So you think you can do that for me [Name]?”

What America had just told you was, his friend, otherwise known as England, had been feeling really lonely lately, and no one’s around him, and Canada has told him about you and wants you to spend some time with the Brit, just to get his loneliness out. Of course this was a total lie, because Canada has told him that when they ask you personally to make someone laugh not just cheer up, but laugh…You fail miserably.

“Aww poor thing~! Of course I can! I’ll make sure he never feels lonely again!!” You stand up from your spot on the couch and raise your fork into the air (since you previously were eating a brownie)

“Great! Now sounds about good right?”

“Whaaaat? You want me to go noooow? But look at me I’m a mess!” You look down at your attire, now covered in powdered sugar and strawberry juice.

“That’s fine! England likes to bake so he’ll love you! Even though he sucks at it…” He whispered the last part

“Well…Okay then…ONWARD! TO NARNIA!” You marched toward the door

Once you were out the door America turned to Canada with a smug look upon his face.

“Dude…how did you become friends with such a outgoing chick like this?”

“Eh…” Canada smiled at the door you exited from.


“Okay you wait in the car! It’ll be a surprise for him!”

You nodded at the American.

He ran up to the door and knocked on it loudly a few times before it was opened by a not so happy looking England.

“What do you want…” He sighed

“Okay so I need a favor from you dude!”

England looked up into his eyes, he didn’t really care at all.

“Sure…what is it now…”

He smiled

“Okay so! I have this friend who needs a place to stay for the night because of some issues they’re having! But I can’t let them stay at my house soooo…”

“You want them to stay at my place?” He raised an eyebrow, not from frustration, but from shock.

“Please England! It’s only for a night!” America got onto his hand and knees and looked up to the Brit with puppy dog eyes.

England looked at him questioningly, why is this important?

“Sure it’s fine, but I’d rather not clean up after his mess…”

America jumped up in joy

“Thanks dude! I owe you one! Oh and they’ll need some clothes too!” He quickly added then sped off towards the car

He just sighed and went back into the house to change, leaving the door open for his new guest.

But of course he thought it was a boy.

America doesn’t hang out with girls much.

So of course he’d assume you were a guy.


America walks back to the car with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Okay dude! You’ll be staying the night at England’s!”

“Wh-What!? I never agreed to that DUDE” Emphasizing the word Dude.

He gave you puppy eyes and you just gave in instantly.

“Okay…but lead me in will ya?”

He nodded excitedly and as soon as you took a step out of the car he dragged you away to the house while you gave one last wave of goodbye to the nervous Canadian.

“I hope she can do it…”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Canada!”

[Inside the House]

“Okay so I think you two will get along well for the night!”

You just sheepishly smiled at the American who had his arm slung over your shoulder.

You both hear footsteps coming down the stairs,

“Alright America, so where’s this lad—“

A man with shaggy blonde hair and Emerald green eyes, wearing what looked like to be a long-sleeved blue sweater vest over a white dress shirt enters the room.

Just on a personal note…His eyebrows were amazingly large.

Never have you seen eyebrows that size!

He looked at you with wide eyes.

His cheeks turned into a cute pink color.

“O-Oh…uhm, I was expecting a boy…”

You cracked a smile at that.

You and your little perverted mind~

“Why would you like a boy?”

He blushed even more while America laughed at his face.

“You two should get along well! Well if you need anything [Name] just call Canada kay?” He winks at you then runs out the door

You and England stand there in more awkward silence.

“So…your name is [Name]?” He finally says, it seems he’s been looking at you the whole time which made your cheeks a bit tinted.

“Yup! I’m [Full name]! And your England right?” You smile at him

“Yes I am England, but you can use my human name which is Arthur, Arthur Kirkland.” It looked like he was refusing to smile.

“Alright Arthur!” You saluted him.

“Alright then, let me show you your room.” He turns around as you follow him not noticing the small smile on his lips.

You couldn’t help but think the time you were following him up the stairs how good looking he was, and how nice his ass looked while walking up the stairs.

While you were off in la la land and perverted area you didn’t notice him stop and you bumped straight into his back making him jump from the sudden contact.

He turned to look at you with a surprised expression.

You rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly

“Whoops sorry aha!”

He looked at you but then turned his head back quickly.

“Th-This is your room…”

You turned to see a neatly cleaned room, a bathroom in the back with a twin bed and a table to the side, also a pair of clothes on the bed, more for a boy.

“I-I’m sorry about the clothes…like before I was expecting a boy…” He also rubbed the back of his head sheepishly a blush crept onto his face.

You walked past him into the room and examined the shirt, an ordinary white dress shirt.

“I don’t mind! But…uhm…is it okay…” You twiddled your fingers in the fabric.

He looked at you curiously for a while then got the point you wanted to change.

“Oh sorry! I-I’ll get out of your underwear—NO I MEAN UNDER YOUR HAIR! NOT UNDERWEAR!”

He repeatedly waves his hands in front of his face shaking his head.

You also turn red but laugh.

“Haha that’s fine! But if you want to stay to see me change be my guest~”

You said mockingly.

His mouth opened like he wanted to say something but nothing came out.

Instead he just shook his head and left, shutting the door behind him.

You made sure the footsteps were gone before you bursted out into a giggle fit.

Oh he’s going to be fun to mess with~


You kept your shorts on since the only thing that looked messy was you shirt.

You walked downstairs to see Arthur at the table sipping on some tea and staring off into space.

“Thanks for letting me wear your shirt~!” You chimed as you walked in breaking his train of thought.

He looked at you and nodded.

From what America told you, he was lonely and wanted some attention, this guy looks like he just wants you out of his hair!

You sat at the table with him.

There it was again

That awkward silence

“So…why was your shirt stained?” He asked trying to start a conversation

He wanted to know why your shirt was stained?

Wow he is pretty lonely to not know how to start a decent conversation.

“Oh well! Actually I was baking brownies earlier and I was decorating them with powdered sugar and some strawberries for fun!”

You could have sworn you saw his eyes sparkle at you mentioning this!

“You like to bake?” He seemed interested

Your smile grows wider.

“Yes~! I love to bake and cook~!” You placed both hands on each side of your face and waved your head around in happiness.

He smiled looking at you, he felt…rather comfortable.

“Well, actually I could use some help on my scone recipe…”

You stopped shaking and looked at him to see his eyes looking the other way and a slight blush on his cheeks

“Really? You want me to help?” You pointed to yourself to make sure.

He chuckled on the inside,

“Yeah, I could use someone else’s expertise.”

You looked at him with excitement

“Of course I will help you! Just ask me anything!

He nods then gets up walking over to the refrigerator and pulling a piece of paper off of it,

He walks back over and sits down handing you the piece of paper

You look at it and notice it was a homemade scone recipe.

You look over the ingredients and caught a big mistake.

First of all you were kind of a scone master~ which meant you knew the original recipe by heart!

Second of all, a regular scone recipe asks for 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Now how in the world of Hetalia did he mix up 1/2 teaspoon…

…with 1/2 cup!?

You stared at it with an intense look, Arthur noticing this spoke up

“People don’t like to eat my scones, and I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Do you see any mistakes?” He asks shyly as if he were about to fail a test

You look at him and couldn’t help but giggle at his very childlike expression.

He scowled.

“What’s so bloody funny?”

“I’m sorry! It’s just your expression just now was so cute!”

He turned away, the scowl still on his face, with a redder than Prussia’s eyes face.

“But there is a problem with your recipe…” You added

Now his full attention was on you.

You hand him the paper and point the line that you saw the mistake at.

“Now this says 1/2 cup right?”

He looks and nods.



You sigh a bit

“Arthur… 1/2 CUP of salt?”


He stared at it.

“…OH BLOODY HELL!” He snatches it fully away and inspects it

“Did I really put that much bloody salt into it!?!”

You laughed as a shadow loomed over him.

“Hey it’s okay Arthur! We can make some right now how about it?” You offered

‘He’s probably lonely because he drew everyone away with his scones…’ You thought sadly

Boy did he like that idea.

“Alright then! You can correct my recipe and I’ll prepare the ingredients!”

Bossy much?

You take the recipe and thoroughly scan it for more mistakes, correcting here and there.

You hand him back the recipe while he hands you a apron, tying his in the back.

“Now we don’t want to get you dirty now do we?” He gave a half hearted smile.

You tie the apron across your waist.

“Let’s make some scones~!”


“I have to say these are mighty better than the scones I made before~”

“That’s because they weren’t loaded with salt like the others~”

He just gave you a glare while you gave him a cheeky smile

“Don’t worry~ I bet your friends are now dying to eat these~” You munched on your second one.

He looked down, a hint of lonesomeness in his eyes.


You noticed this and guilt started to hit you.

‘Oh yeah I forgot…’

You patted him on the back showing him the most sincere smile you could offer.

“Everyone will want to be your friend since you have such an amazing talent~”

Hearing these words come out of your mouth, he felt something warm on the inside, making his heart rate increase.

“Th-Thank you love, that…means a lot to me.” He gave you a small smile

“Hey that’s not a problem! I mean what are friends for~?”

He tilted his head and looked at you in curiosity

Had you really accepted him as a friend?

Butterflies well up in his stomach,

“W-Well I’m rather tired, so I-I think I’ll be off to bed…” He stands up from his chair

“But it’s only 4:58pm don’t you want to eat? I can make you something?”

He blushes

“No I’m fine! The scones filled me up! H-Help yourself to whatever you like love~”

And with that he rushed out of the kitchen leaving you confused and sad for the Brit.

“England’s such a wonderful country, I don’t see why he’s so lonely?” You just sighed and rested your head on your hands.

“I’m not that very hungry either anymore, so I guess I’ll just head off to bed too!” You yawned and headed up the stairs to your guest room.

You make your way into the room to see a neatly folded pair of men’s pajama’s on the bed.

‘Aww, how sweet~!’

You slowly pull off your shorts leaving you with only your underwear on and the shirt.

You start to unbutton the shirt slowly until you got halfway when Arthur walked out of the bathroom with only his pants on and NO SHIRT.

You froze in place, as did he, you both looked at each other wide eyed.

Arthur’s nose started bleeding.

Good thing he had a towel with him (bad thing was it was white) and held it against his nose.

You quickly covered yourself up, your face probably putting the color of a tomato to shame.

“…I’m in the wrong room aren’t I?”

He just nodded, refusing to look at you.

Quickly grabbing your shorts, you rushed out of the room without a single word and into the real guestroom where you then hid yourself under the covers and screamed into the pillow wanting to die just from utter embarrassment.

You weren’t the only one, Arthur was on his bed, face to pillow, figuring out a way to get rid of the newly formed dent in his pants.


Morning had arrived and you just couldn’t get that image of Arthur’s body out of your mind!

He was god damn sexy for a country!

You yawn and stretch getting out of bed noticing your shirt from yesterday, washed and folded on the chair nearby where a note was on it.

“I washed it for you, I thought you might want to wear it tomorrow.

It looks really cute on you.”

You couldn’t make out the last part though since it was crossed out, so you just brushed it off.

“I feel bad for embarrassing him like that…” You blushed thinking about last night

“I shall make him breakfast as an apology~ I saw some eggs in the fridge, along with some other breakfast goods~”

Deciding to cheer the Brit up, you change into your clothes and slowly walk over to Arthur’s room and crack the door open a little.

Sleeping like a baby~

Proud, you walk downstairs and start to take out the ingredients to make a nice breakfast.

“It’s kind of boring…I know! I’ll turn on the overhead radio he has in here~”

You slide across the floor over to the machine and switch it on and immediately have a heart attack.

“Oh. My. Lord. They’re playing this song!?!?!”


Arthur waking up moments after you yawns and rubs his head profoundly,

“Ahh~ Well…she’s leaving isn’t she? Oh come on, it’s not like she was going to stay!” He argued with himself

He rubbed his temples

He really liked you, no, loved you

He just met you and he’s already having such strong feelings!

But what do you think about him?

Are you just pretending to be his friend because he’s letting you stay?

Or do you just not like him?

He felt gloomier just thinking about it

He didn’t want you to leave just like that, it takes a lot to make him smile, and you’ve done it!

Sitting on his bed and thinking he hears music coming from the kitchen…

Is that you?

He grabs a shirt and some pants, lazily putting them on he slowly walks downstairs, the sound of the music getting louder and clearer, and when he peeked inside the kitchen, he was about to drown from the blood from his nose.

“I'm bringin' sexy back, Them other boys don't know how to act, I think it's special what's behind your back~”

There you were, in his kitchen, singing and dancing very erotically, to a very naughty song.

“Dirty baaaaaabe, You see these shackles? Baby, I'm your slaaaaaaave~ I'll let you whip me if I misbehaaaaaaave~ It's just that no one makes me feel this waaaaay~”

His mouth was agape, his face the darkest shade of red, as he watched you grind against the air, and play with your hair.

Man he was about to have a totally level 9 fangasm!

“Come to the back! (Go ‘head be gone with it), VIP! (Go ‘head be gone with it), Drinks on me! (Go ‘head be gone with it)--”

Before you could even finish the lines of the song, you’re startled by a eruption of laughter coming from the kitchen doorway where Arthur stood, literally Laughing His Ass Off.

At the same time, America had just walked in to see England in his eruption of total laughter.

He also sees the massive blush spread across your face as he looks over England.

“T-T-That’s not funny!!” You protested

That still didn’t stop Arthur’s laughter as he clenched his stomach in pain.

America walks over to you and pats your back

“Nice work dude! I thought he’d never laugh again!” He laughs

You gave him a confused look all the while Arthur had calmed down listening to the conversation.

“What do you mean? You said he was just lonely?” You questioned the American

“No I lied. I only wanted you to come because Canada said you were good at making people laugh and England was just gloomy.” He said it all like there was nothing wrong with it.

“WHAT! You said she needed a place to stay and you couldn’t keep her at your house!!” England stood up straight with anger in his eyes.

“Yeah I lied about that too.”


“Yay England your back to your normal self!” The American chimed

England glared at him but not before grabbing a scone off the counter, one America feared most of England.

“Come here America…you looked hungry~”

America’s eyes widened and he took off in a dash.

[WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AND SOME LEWDNESS] You've been warned! :iconwooooplz:
Request from :iconwickedgrell:

Yay for england! :icontsundereukplz:

He's sooo cute :meow:




This song actually helped me make this kind of but the video OH GOD, CLICKING THE WRONG VIDEO GOT ME A NOSEBLEED :iconnosebleedingplz:

Anyways~ hope you enjoy it! It is kind of long I know :iconinuilikeitplz:

I do not own Hetalia or you unless you want me to.
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